Poem I Am – Book II of the Erotic Tree Series – NOW AVAILABLE!!

Necessary for plot growth of the Erotic Tree Novel Series, this non-erotica run away novella – a “money-train” held up by a gang of orgasmic nude Amazonians- figuratively speaking, delves deep into the nature of the apocalypse, that begins tomorrow. More is at stake in the next day than mankind has even faced before, doorways will open that cannot be shut, and with the fate of the Earth floating in the beer cooler of the universe, will those plundering the planet for their own demented purposes usher in the start of Armageddon? enslaving the dying world to a body farm? The point somewhere has been lost. The reason. It’s meant to be fun. Poem has a plan. He will remind mankind of their purpose. As others are fighting to turn hell back into the paradisal garden of the gods, he shall remind them, when gardening, sometimes you have to get a little dirty.


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